There’s goodness in the air that changes your day… it wins you over at the first bite and envelops all the senses!

Goodness that comes from simple, genuine ingredients: more than a century of passion meets innovation and love of flavour.

The strength of tradition and looking to the future change the rules of the game, and create a new taste, made even better thanks to the ingredients used.

We choose the finest raw materials the way a mother cares for her child.

That’s why we’ve decided to eliminate palm oil from all our products, replacing it with sunflower oil, from biscuits to breads, and to respect the environment by using 100% recyclable paper packaging.

Senza olio di palam

Our commitment becomes irresistible taste, skilfully prepared, which nurtures the pleasure of giving and sharing unique, unrepeatable moments.

Since 1911, Colussi, Good in every way